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Trekking: Sarangdu Homestay

Explore Meghalaya's Majestic Trails with Sarangdu Homestay

Majestic mountain range in Baghmara, Meghalaya, Sarangdu Homestay

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Adventure Tour and Fun Filled Trekking

Explore Meghalaya’s stunning landscapes with Sarangdu Homestay Baghmara. Embark on unforgettable hikes and treks in Baghmara, South Garo Hills. Discover nature’s hidden treasures with our thrilling trekking routes. Start your journey today!

Hikking/trekking locations

Adventure Enthusiast on Rocky Summit - Sarangdu Homestay Baghmara


Perfect Thrills

Illustration: Adventure Awaits - Trekking at Sarangdu Homestay Baghmara
Hiking Enthusiasts Exploring Mountain Trails - Sarangdu Homestay Baghmara

Sarangdu Homestay: The Best Place To Enjoy Your Life

At Sarangdu Homestay Baghmara, we go beyond accommodation, offering an enriching experience surrounded by Meghalaya’s breathtaking beauty. Enjoy tranquility, adventure, and a chance to reconnect with nature. Whether for a peaceful retreat or thrilling outdoor activities, Sarangdu Homestay is your gateway to unforgettable moments and cherished memories. Immerse yourself in the magic of nature and embrace life to the fullest with our family-friendly amenities. Come, explore the best homestay in Meghalaya and make every stay extraordinary with Sarangdu Homestay Baghmara.

Experience Nature's Majesty Near Our Homestay

Explore the breathtaking beauty of nature just steps away from our homestay. With numerous waterfalls, caves, river beaches, and lush hills in the vicinity, you’ll find yourself surrounded by unparalleled natural wonders. From the famous Balpakram National Park to the serene Siju Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary, there’s no shortage of places to immerse yourself in nature’s splendor. Come and experience the true essence of nature near our homestay.

Blue Butterfly Dancing Amidst Meghalaya's Flora
Brown Butterfly Perched Amidst Meghalaya's Blooms

Tourist Attractions Near Our Homestay

Adventure Awaits: Girl with Binoculars at Sarangdu Homestay Baghmara

Matdrong Toreram waterfall

Distance: 45 Kilometers

Yoga Serenity at Sarangdu Homestay - Embracing Meghalaya's Tranquil Atmosphere

Wari Chora

Distance: 40 Kilometers

Breathtaking Vistas at Sarangdu Homestay Baghmara - Best Homestay in Meghalaya

Baghmara Reserved Forest

Distance: 8 Kilometers

Siju Bird Sanctuary - A Avian Haven in Meghalaya's Scenic Landscape

Siju Bird sanctuary

Distance: 30 kilometers

Pitcher Palace Sanctuary - A Pitcher Plant Retreat in Meghalaya's South Garo Hills

Pitcher Plant Sanctuary

Distance: 9.8 Kilometers

Karawani Butterfly Sanctuary - A Kaleidoscope of Colors in Meghalaya's Nature

Karawani Butterfly Sanctuary

Distance: 8 kilometers

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